Spencer Orofino
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Boa Technology



Boa Technology started with the belief that there was a better way to lock into gear than traditional laces. 17 years later, they're working across a wide range of categories—from biking and snowboarding to medical and utility, Boa systems continue to deliver people with a better fit for their gear.


After millions of installs in products across the world, Boa had become the clear leader in fit systems in the minds of businesses. But when it came to the people who were actually using the product every day, the brand didn't carry the same reputation. Alongside a killer team at Cinco Design, I created a strategy to redefine the brand and tell their story to a new audience. 



Traditional laces are in constant need of adjustment and take people out of epic moments when they need attention. The Boa System’s advantage isn’t just that it gets you in your gear faster—it keeps you in it, so you’re never snapped out of your zone.



Our identity had to strike a balance between serving the brands we partner with and the individuals who actually rely on them. The approach was to take a consumer first, partner-forward mindset; we best help our business partners by making everything about our mutual users. Rather than centering our message around function, we would tell a story of advantage and bring our new brand promise center stage; we’re purpose-built for performance.


Creative Execution 

Our strategy was the launching pad for a brand platform, messaging framework, brand design kit, and website. The bold and optimistic attitude's of our users influenced everything from photo style and icons to logo and typography; every interaction needed to leave them feeling inspired and empowered by our brand to get out and do what they love without having to worry about their gear.


With help from another badass strategist, I wrote a brand anthem as part of the platform that’s featured on the landing page of their website. Check it out on the right or see it, along with the rest of website redesign here.

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