Spencer Orofino
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Frances May


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For a workshop led by senior leadership from Wieden + Kennedy and AKQA, myself and a group of strategist were tasked with expanding the brand of Portland fashion boutique Frances May in its flagship market and beyond while preserving their identity.

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Boutiques are collectives, and in curating an inventory from multiple designers, can struggle to define their brand from the ones they carry. The boutique fashion community operates largely from friend-to-friend recommendations making getting Frances May to the center their shoppers conversations the key to success. We needed to get people talking not just about what clothes they bought, but the story about how they discovered them.



We laid out a plan to make shopping at Frances May a topic of conversation with a one-of-a-kind in store experience and exclusive collaborations with designers to give every customer a story to tell along with their clothes. To expand beyond the Northwest, we targeted niche communities across the country that shared our values and had an established group of our online buyers ready to advocate for us. Dive into the gallery below to learn more information about each tactic.